Zombie Killer Game Online

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Zombie Killer Game Online is a fantastic zombie Survival game where users get to experience dramatic scenes. Explore the blocky world where zombies have taken over the world, and you are in danger. Survive through the levels and pass every obstacle on the way. Arrange for food, shelter, and other basic necessities to survive.

However, the game doesn't leave you naked on such battlefields, and so you have various commands of tools, weapons, and guns in your hand. Upgrade the guns for better control, and deal with the zombies by shooting them in the head. Use your weapons with endless bullets to dodge zombies and save the world.


• Zombie survival gameplay with controls
• Play it online anytime and anywhere
• Hit the zombies with your weapons
• Shoot them all by upgrading your guns and break their heads
• Arrange the resources for survival
• Clear the path of zombies and save the world
• Break all zombies into pieces by hitting the target at the right spot

How to play

Zombie Killer Game Online brings the users utmost fun to experience survival like never before. The world of zombies where they are continuously roaming around to infect everyone on the way. Avoid them at all costs by shooting them in the head.

Simple control system where your cursor lets you control the direction of your gun, and it shoots automatically. Drag the left mouse button to shoot the zombies and survive in the state of death all around. The world is dark and injects fear into the minds, so be careful in dealing.