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Vex 3 unbloked

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Vex 3 unblocked is a very amazing game application with a lot of fun and exciting features and benefits. It is the third recently updated version of the vex series. The game is full of various twists and turns. A lot of attractive devices are also available within the game. Within this game, players need to navigate each and every level of the game.

The overall purpose of the game is to avoid the spinning blades and spikes, and players need to make their way through that anyhow. In each level of the game, deadly traps and devices are available. Players have to focus on the goal by overcoming all the obstacles. The game is all about performing an act. Players need to complete an activity in each level of the game, and if they fall victim, they will be sent to the nearest checkpoint.

There are a total of 10 regular acts that players need to perform, and as players perform one by one, they get more difficult and trickier. If players are able to complete 9 acts, then they will be rewarded with a hardcopy trophy. Without dying instantaneously, players can achieve more cool trophies.

Features :-
1.It's the third version of the vex series.
2.Enjoy twists and turns
3.Use arrows keys for playing
4.Challenging game
5.Available on browser
6.Introduced by amazing Adam
7.Addictive and quite easy gameplay
8.A range of puzzles are available
9.Various rewards and bonus levels
10. acts are available

How to play:-

The gameplay of the vex 3 unblocked is quite simple and difficult sometimes. Players need to do the act without dying in each level of the game. Make use of the arrow keys for moving, climbing up walls, jumping from side to side, and for a new act, press down the arrow key. Various different colors of blocks are available, and they have additional features from each other. Some are purple, some are orange, and many more.