Tetris Unblocked Online

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Tetris Unblocked online is massive gameplay where you can focus on arranging and aligning the falling shapes of blocks. The game is widely popular and has been played for decades in every part of the world. No extensive control ecosystem and hustle, just the blocks of different alignment and shapes are falling.

You just need to arrange these blocks to form a complete line on the downside, as the line, when completed, will vanish and provide you with more space for new blocks. In this way, it becomes a kind of survival game where you need to provide space for the upcoming blocks.


• Control the falling blocks in the game
• Let the blocky shapes fall and change their alignment by rotation
• Approach them in a way that completes the horizontal line
• Don't let the screen full of shapes and blocks
• Control and management are simple
• A unique game to play online
• Relaxes you in your spare time
• Arrange the blocks for maximum success
• Falling blocks never stop till the screen gets completed

How to play

Tetris Unblocked online is a simple falling block game where you must arrange these blocks, so the horizontal row gets completed and vanishes. In the procedure, you need to control the alignment since you can't control the shape of blocks.

Falling blocks need rotation which you can perform by shift or up arrow, while Z to undo, WASD, and arrow keys lets you control the rotation and moving. Enter to pause or restart the game without any problems.