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Temple Run Online [Play Free Online Games]

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Temple Run Online Game is a web game now because you can play it online. Run, run and run, to relax and manage your Character. Enjoy controlling your Character by running for an endless journey without any gasoline needed. Control him, so he doesn't move left or right, just forward according to the route as needed.

The route is a highland, so on the left or right, your Character will fall and die. Collect coins sprawled in the way and win a lot of diamonds as well. They can be used in the upgrading of outfits, skills, etc. Focus on the journey as in time; routes will change and offer a serene display of graphics.

Avoid the Character from being caught and run fast; as the level increases, so does the speed. Controlling the Character becomes difficult as, in the journey, you need to uplift him up and down so as to protect him from a collision.

Features Of Temple Run Online

• Play online or offline.
• Collect coins and diamonds.
• An endless journey to make without any goal,
• Customizing options and accessories to buy
• Avoid getting caught
• Avoid all obstacles by flying high or sliding down
• Explore different routes and tracks
• Do not fall off the route
• Pass various levels based on distance
• Plat in various modern browsers
• Run, run and run to win

How to play Temple Run Online

Temple Run Online Game is a web game that you can play by adding to Chrome and then playing it online. If you need to play it offline, download the chrome extension. The game has extremely simple and intuitive control without any button mechanism.

You have to control the Character by moving him left and right as in the routes, which are screen tilting or tapping criteria. When any obstacle comes in the way, fly him up or slide him down by actually doing the slide on your screen with your fingers. Collect coins on the way by tilting the device left and right.