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Stick Duel Battle online

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Stick duel battle online is an amazing game application with exclusive features and benefits. It's a game of battles, and players need to fight with their enemies to win the level of the game. Series of battles are available within the game for the players to fight. Players can experience fighting battles by using a lot of amazing weapons and equipment.

The game is available for free and requires no download or installation because it is available on the browser, so players can enjoy the game from there by being online. A lot of realistic weapons, physics, and maps are available within the game so that players can choose the weapons which will help them to fight against the other stronger players. The map of the game requires tactics.

Players can enjoy a stick duel battle game on their computer in a very effective and efficient manner, and also they can enjoy it on other devices such as ipads, iphones, smartphones, etc. On the computer, players can enjoy the game in the 2-player mode and can play the battle against their friends. The players' task in both 1-player and 2-player modes is the same: they need to make 5 kills using tactics and weapons.

Features :-
1.It's an action game where players need to fight battles.
2.Realistic weapons, maps, and physics are available
3.Use arrows keys for playing
4.Easy to download
5.Available on browser
6.The aim is to make 5 kills
7.Enjoy playing this game on the computer

How to play:-

The gameplay of the stick duel battle is very simple, and sometimes it's quite difficult for the players to win the battle against the stronger players. Controlling the game is very easy. Just make use of arrow keys for playing the game in each mode, whether it is a 1-player mode or a 2-player mode. For shooting, use ' L' and for moving, use "WASD. "