Soccer Physics Online

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Soccer Physics Online is marvelous gameplay of soccer to play online for free on your P.C. or Tablet. Enjoy the magnificent game where you have to beat your opponent in the game of soccer. Various realistic tactics and moves are available to explore and apply.

From the company Otto Ojala, which is known for its popular hits Tug The Table and Wrestle Jump comes the iconic soccer game that you can join. You can also invite or bring your friends to participate in the gameplay against them. In other cases, you can play against the computer A.I. This brilliant gameplay for soccer lovers is an edge because you can play it easily online for free.


• Comes the new hit from the Otto Ojala
• Soccer gameplay with simple tactics
• Beat the opponents by nesting the ball in the opponent's net
• Invite your friends to play against you
• Play with computer A.I.
• Establish the new high score for playing soccer
• Simple controls with a mouse
• Enjoy the game with strangers or friends in many modes

How to play

Soccer Physics Online game is available to play online against the computer or your real friends. Kicking the ball to the goal is the only play that you need to achieve. However, hold the ball by left click and move the cursor the way you want.

Hit the ball with moves to end the ball to the opponent's net. This magnificent game brings utmost fun, which is not possible to grasp in simple gameplays. Choose this one in your free time to add excitement on the way and enjoy the serenity.