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Shell Shockers Online Game

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Shell shocker is a web game. Now you can play this game online or offline both. This is the online version of the Shell shocker game. In this game, you need to collect more eggs and play the game.

There are two teams in the game one is red, and the other is blue. You can select one of them and attack against your enemy. There are many guns to attack like Crackshot: Bolt action sniper rifle, Scrambler: A two-shot shotgun, Whipper: Large clip, automatic pistol, RPEGG:

A rocket-propelled grenade and many more other rifles. You can select these types of guns and attack your opponents. There are many modes to play. You can play the modes and enjoy this game very much.

Features :-

1.In this game, you can customize your car according to the way you like it. You can make your egg more destructive to attack your opponents and win the game. You can customize your egg to the next level.
2.When you attack your enemies, you can score golden eggs and collect them. You can spend the golden eggs on amazing gun skins, grenades, and other eggs. You can dress your eggs with the help of golden eggs beautifully.
3.The shell shocker has an awesome sound quality which makes the game more attractive and addictive to play, and many users love this feature very much and play the game.

How to play :-

The control setup of this game is very easy. You can play this game very easily. You just need to tap on the fire button, which is present on the mobile screen. You can aim at your opponent and then attack to win this game.