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Playing Roblox made me feel as out of place as a giant piecing together tiny lego bricks. Unsettling. It had been a while since I encountered an online gaming platform where strangers were consistently nice to each other on the text chat. But there it was. Roblox isnt just an online platform for gaming that contains a catalogue of several million games, and millions of daily users.

How to Unblock Roblox at School?

If you are wondering why is Roblox blocked in your school, that’s because staff don’t want you to play games. Yeah, it’s lame and boring, but it’s understandable. The list of banned things is controlled directly via the central administration system of the school, to which students don’t have access. However, there are some methods which can help you bypass this. Before proceeding, you should know that unblocking games without authorization can get you into trouble, so be cautious and try not to get caught.