Poop Clicker Online Play

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70% (21/30)
Poop Clicker online game is a brilliant concept with utmost relaxing gameplay where you need just to hit the poop or brown pile as you know to get as many as possible clicks, and this is how the gameplay continues.

Enjoy the most relaxing and smelly gameplay where entertainment is not for everyone. The simple features where getting the clicks is the only demand and nothing more expected from anyone. You just need to hit the poop or brown pile to get the clicks.

In the way, you get to enjoy the eternal gameplay where trying to find the end is rubbish. It is indeed a very difficult process that you find your hand on something simpler than this one; it's primitive and classy.


• Simple and interesting control mechanism
• Get as many as possible clicks
• Move the cursor and hit the clicks on a brown pile
• As the name signifies, it's a silly game with a relaxing environment

How to play?

Poop Clicker online game doesn't require much control or buttons to play it. Here, you only have to focus on bringing the cursor of the Mouse to the brown pile and hit it.

Get as many clicks as possible, and this is the game target, nothing more to infuse and find in the game. Join it to play online without wasting any much of time. Enjoy the simple mechanism of clicking and getting them to win.