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Play UNO online now on your web browser without any hustle to download and let it eat your storage. Enjoy the iconic game where cards are distributed, and almost 2,3 &4 players can play it simultaneously. It is one of the most widely popular card games, which most of us are already aware of since our childhood.

The four-color card game lets users experience brainstorming with the rules of the game. Wild cards, action cards, style cards, skip cards, zero cards, etc., are some popular card approaches in UNO. Play it online on the browser without any extensive efforts to infuse it while relaxing in your spare time.


• 4 colors are widely popular card game
• There are almost 108 cards in a game
• Each color card has separate 19 cards
• 70 percent are number cards, while the rest are action and wild cards
• Skip, reverse, and draw two, are action cards to play the game
• Wild cards switch the color of the game
• Number of cards spans from 0-9

How to play

Play UNO Online simply means playing the game online without even downloading it on your device. There are many types of cards that restrict or proceed the functions to play. You need to have 2,3, or 4 players in the game to move it forwards online or bring in your friends.

The whole gameplay consists of 108 cards, where almost 70 percent of cards are number-based, and the rest are called wild cards. 4 colors, and each consists of 19 separate cards, while the rest cards are based on zero cards, skip cards, etc.

Three types of action cards are called a skip card to miss the next player's turn, a reverse card to reverse the turn direction, and a draw card misses the next player's chance and lets him draw two cards. At the same time, wildcards let the player choose the color to play in the next match or to continue.