Pixel Gun Apocalypse Online

Played 7033 times.

74% (23/31)
Pixel Gun Apocalypse online lets you explore your shooting skills and tactics in the first-person shooting gameplay. One of the best and most deadly weaponized gameplay where you choose to deal with the opponents with cool weapons, including a machine gun, shotgun, sniper, and other iconic guns.

Probably similar to the famous shooting gameplay set up in the dark world in pixelated format to infuse fear and death. This thrilling game of life and death brings excitement to playing several championship modes. Varied modes include deathmatches where the challenge is a part, while zombie Survival Also brings unmatchable fun.

One of the highly successful games whose reason relies on the fact of its blocky world and deadly shots. Explore through the maps a varied world where you can deal with wars.


• Iconic fights against opponents
• Multiplayer gameplay to invite friends
• Zombie Survival and deathmatch
• Super weapons and guns to choose from like machine guns or rocket launcher
• First-person shooting gameplay
• Pixelated gameplay in graphics and legendary visuals
• Be alive and survive the game to win
• Hit the target with style and fashion

How to play

Pixel Gun Apocalypse Survival is a simple and intuitive game where you have to hit the targets with varied available guns and weapons. The gameplay has several modes and a little bit of a different control system. So choose accordingly; be deathmatch, or zombie Survival are hits.

Track down weapons in this multilayer to fight deadly. WASD to control left click to shoot, 1-9 to change weapons, R to reload, Shift to sprint, C to crouch, etc., are the simple control systems to manage the game effectively.