Pente Game Online [Play Free Gameplay in Online]

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Pente Game Online offers the users a brilliant mastery game of mind-boggling stones infusing in board and formation of rows of 5 and more stones in horizontal, vertical, or diagonal directions. The gameplay started in the hideaway pizza, where people waiting for orders started playing this game with a dishwasher Gray Gabrel.

There are two kinds of stones in the boards; black and white; the white one starts the game where they put the stones at the intersection of a 19×19 squares board. Forming the 5 and more stones row in any direction brings the glory and winning, or you can capture the 10 stones of opponents. There are a few restrictions and rules for white which start, and then the game continues.


• Widely popular gameplay of board structure
• Form the stones up to 5 places in any direction left, right, horizontal, diagonal, etc
• Choose your stones of white or black
• Perform random putting of stones and throw away opponents' stones out of the board
• Capture 10 opponents' stones to win
• Place first white stone at K10
• Play to win and defeat

How to play

Pente Game Online is the demand of users completed with the availability. Otherwise, it's a popular game that won hundreds of rewards worldwide for unique play. Users don't need to put more effort. Just select their stone's color to put them in the respective places or any point to format the row of 5+ stones.

Using the mouse cursor, you can put the stones at places of intersection, first starting at K10 for white and then 3 steps away from the center. Arrange the stones and form up to 5 and more stones in a row in any direction to win the game. While capturing opponents' 10 stones also lets you win, in other cases means a tie.