Play Hill Climb Racing Online For FREE

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Play Hill Climb Racing Online as there is no need to download it being an HTML5 version. Enjoy driving varied cars and vehicles on rough tracks with simple and intuitive controls. Face tremendous challenges along the route and protect your driver from the death.

Variety of super vehicles and marvelous gameplay with custom choices to customize your vehicles in parts, engine, suspensions, color, and combo. Target to reach the highest possible distance and establish a new high score.

Upgrade your cars and build your personalized one by earning rewards for scoring high. Drive in the most deadly tracks and keep in mind the gasoline so it doesn't run out cause you will end up miserably. Collect coins and gasoline on the way to continue forward.


• Play with various vehicles, including motorbikes, quad cars, supercars, trucks, etc.
• Upgrade your engine and suspension, including other vehicle parts.
• You can also play it offline.
• Available in multiple languages
• Displays achievements and targets on the screen
• 28+ stages to pass and enjoy
• Build your own customized vehicle
• Various modes, including garage mode

How to play

Hill climb racing online is crucial gameplay where users from around the world take part and extract joy. The game has a simple control mechanism where you must move forward and take care of the gasoline.

There are two buttons on the screen of gasoline- it helps vehicles move forward and brake- to stop your car as needed. Boost is also available to drive on Rough and highland. Collect coins automatically, and gasoline is sprawled on the way.