Happy Wheels Unblocked

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Happy wheels unblocked is a physics-based online game. Where you need to pass your characters from the obstacles without injuries, in this game, there are various types of characters available you can select and play. In this game, there are the first characters who are in wheelchairs.

You need to control the wheelchair without causing any serious injuries. As all we know, this vehicle is very hard to control, and we must save the characters. In this game, the main purpose is to win the race and collect tokens between them. Various levels are easy or hard.


In this game, there are many characters available, where you can select one of them and play to win the race.
The first character of this game is a wheelchair guy, so you need to control your character to pass the obstacles from injury.
There are many levels available, like Obstacle Course. Gut Bus Extreme!, BMX-Park II, Snowy Mountain Final, Dawn of the Dead Level 1, A large Satan eats you, TrapTrac, It Keeps Happening!
Rope Swingswhich is easy or hard both, so you need to carry the wheelchair with the characters and save them from injury.
This game has amazing graphics quality, which makes the game more attractive and enjoyable to play.

How to play
In this game, controlling a wheelchair is very difficult. You can control things like the accelerating button, reverse, speed up, and raise arm 1 and leg 2. There are many options to save the characters from obstacles without any injury.

You can start the game and speed up the wheelchair. It is a jet-powered wheelchair that is very difficult to control, so you need to save your characters from the obstacles and win the race.