Gun Strike Online [Play Free Gameplay in Online]

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Join the brilliant game of F.P.S. shooting in 3D simulation, the Gun Strike Online, where users play the role of a tactical military monster. There are varied tasks and missions assigned to the players so they can play to beat the targets and follow the rules. Many modes of PvP, deathmatch, squad form, multilayer, missions, single-player solo, etc., are available to choose from.

The most connecting game with the aggressive users where they play the military character dealing with the terrorist. Various super-powerful weapons and tools, including machine guns, snipers, shotguns, etc., to break the head of the terrorists. The supremely dominating guns let you finish the thrill of battles and multiplayer wars.


• The thrilling fps shooting world
• Realistic gameplay in 3d graphics and visuals
• Iconic battles in deathmatch and PvP
• Multiplayer gameplay for real-time players
• Highly optimized real-world iconic weapons and guns
• Many modes to play the legendary game
• Perform the military operation dealing with terrorists
• Various missions and tasks assigned
• Simple controls to explore

How to play

Gun Strike Online offers users endless fun to enjoy the First-person shooting in multiplayer or solo mode. Various weapons at command and legendary tools to kill the terrorist. The addictive multiplayer arena of the battlefield where you immerse yourself in the iconic wars against the real-time players. Simple controls using arrow keys and WASD.

The thrill of war and PvP match against the opponents in all directions. Immersive and real-world gameplay based entirely on the battlefield, where you explore the intentional fights against powerful opponents. Join this modern online fps shooting world arena and gameplay for free.