Gold Miner Online

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Gold Miner Online is a classic arcade game that has been popular since the early 2000s. One of the magnificent games where you explore to mine endlessly. The gameplay rotates around a circle where you mine precious gems, including minerals, diamonds, gold, etc., and then trade them for money.

Money helps you to buy new items like explosives and other support systems to mine more and more efficiently. The only gameplay term where things move forward is the expansion as you can mine more and more. Join the game now and play it for free online without any hustle. Play it online on your desktop and browser.


• One of the best mining game
• Mine several items including jewels, gems, diamonds, gold, etc
• Mine items and trade them off to earn money
• Use the money to upgrade and purchase items like explosives for support
• Mine more and expand the work
• The simple control system of mining through a crane
• Crane will plunge down the ground and stop when it hits any of the costly jewels

How to play

Gold Miner Online is mining gameplay where you mine some precious items, including minerals, gems, gold, etc., continuing the vicious cycle of mining items and then earning money out of them.

Play the game with the mouse and cursor where you get to enjoy the mining, and earn money to buy explosives. The iconic gameplay lets you use the crane whose mouth moves back and forth. Click on the screen to plunge down at any place at the mouth of the crane to extract the jewel.