Five Nights Online Game

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Five Night Online is an online version of a five-night game. This game is a web game. Now you can play this game online or offline both. It is one of the most popular horror games. In this game, you are the security guard of Freddy Fazbear's pizzeria. In this game, you need to secure the pizzeria not only from outside threats and the animal characters from roaming the streets.

The game has very realistic graphics, and the animatic character is very friendly during the day, but they can be murderers at night. They are very dangerous at night time of the game. The game has an awesome sound quality which makes the game more horrible and enjoyable to play. In this game, you need to survive for 5 nights and secure the pizzeria from the crime, and secure other innocent victims.

Features :-

1.In the five-night game, you are a security guard, and you need to secure the pizzeria from the animals which are roaming all around the outside area and save the innocent person.
2.You can watch all the areas with the help of a CCTV camera and monitor to prevent them from getting out.
3.The awesome sound quality makes the game more horrible. This game is very horrific. The creeps sound makes it more.
4.This game also has amazing graphics quality that makes the game more interesting to play.
5.The game has Animatronic animal characters roaming around the streets. The animatronic characters are friendly during the day, but they are very dangerous at night. They can also murder at night, which is very scared.

How to play :-

In the control setup of the five-night game, you just need to tap on the right side button to fight against enemies and survive the pizzeria from animals that are roaming outside. You can move your characters with the help of a joystick and survive for five nights in the game. So you can enjoy this game very much.