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Elastic man online comes with an incredible gaming concept that is out of context nowadays and is different from all popular ones. Here, users will get a variety of faces on the screen, and at one time- you will deal with one face.

So here, you have to play this fun and addictive gameplay by stretching the spongy toys-like faces from all sorts of positions. You can stretch the eyes, ears, mouth, nose, etc., and watch different reactions of the face in the way it changes its structure.

The gameplay is extremely addicting and provides endless fun where you will lose your hours without looking at the time. It's a 3D face stretching simulator where simply stretching and changing the structure of the face is fun and entertaining.


• Simple and intuitive relaxing game
• Not much of a strategy-making boredom
• Stretch various faces
• Watch the different fun reaction
• Spongy and cartoon faces
• Elastic heads to stretch and change their looks
• Cute face stretching simulator
• Game in 3D graphics

How to play?

Elastic man online, and as the name suggests, is an elasticity-based game where a man's like cartoonist's face will appear, and you will change its structure by stretching it from here and there.

The controls are simple, where you have to control it with your Mouse. Click on the point of the face which you want to stretch and then move the cursor here and there to extract fun with different reactions.