Duck Life 3 Online

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Duck Life 3 Online is a multi-dimensional duck racing gameplay where you experience the fun races. There are four breeds of ducks that you need to choose from and then evolve them in the continuing process. Participate in a racing league of three different modes where qualifiers and finals take place to select the best one.

To play the game, first, you need to train your ducks to be Pro in racing. Train them by facilities available in jumping, flying, running, moving, etc., so they become a trained runner to win the race. In the beginning, races start from farms and then take players to some of the beautiful locations like London and water island.


• Choose ducks from four available breeds
• Evolve them by practice and training
• Train these ducks properly to participate in leagues and races
• Jumping, flying, moving, running sliding, are such activities that need training
• Earn money, coins, and currency to evolve while racing
• Various modes to play
• Beautiful locations of the farm, London, easter island
• Pass qualifiers to participate in finals

How to play

Duck Life 3 is adventurous gameplay where users experience the unmatchable fun and excitement on the way to race in some leagues. The extremely simple controls where WASD and arrow keys are enough to move, run, jump, and fly the ducks.

The prominent basics to train and then participate in racing competitions is a good way. There are four breeds, and choosing one means evolving the duck for betterment by practice and training. While training and in races, earn as many coins as possible because the currency will progress you.