Dodgeball Game Online [Play Free Gameplay in Online]

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Dodgeball Game Online is one of the most interesting and mindful games which refresh as well as rejuvenate the mood. Popular as casual games in schools and many sports spots for decades. Two teams of equal members are formed under the game where dodging a ball starts to meet the rules.

In the game, players attempt to throw the balls to hit the opponents while preventing themselves from being hit by the ball. Hit below the shoulder, and if it's successful, then that player will be eliminated. If anyone throws the ball at you and you catch it, then the one who throws gets eliminated. There are other ways to eliminate them; the remaining ones win the game. If you make someone out of fear walk out of the court area, then he is eliminated.


• Popular ball games for decades
• Throw the ball to hit the opponent below the shoulder to win the game
• Lots of fun and excitement on the journey
• Catch the ball to eliminate the one who throws
• Infuse fear, so the player gets out of the court
• Dodgeball to eliminate everyone in opponents
• Now multiplayer availability to Play the game
• Magnificent two-team game with an equal number of players distribution

How to play

Dodgeball Game Online is available for people to enjoy, but this game has been a popular offline sport for decades, providing fun and excitement. Enjoy the game with serene adventures and fun throwing balls to hit the opponents. Eliminate everyone by catching the ball and hitting everyone on the opponent's team.

WASD and arrow keys let you fully control the game ecosystem, where you simply need to click on the ball and then move the cursor to the target. Hit anyone by throwing the ball below the shoulder; if the ball hits him- he gets eliminated; if he catches the ball- the one who throws the ball gets eliminated. The team which is not eliminated completely on the ground wins the game.