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Dinosaur Game: Play Online For Free

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Dinosaur online game is a kind of application where users can run endlessly in the game, and you can find it on your Google Chrome app. You can play this game for free also, but an Internet connection is a must within game.

Earlier the game was played by users by being offline because no more online connection was established then, so people were using this game as an Easter egg in Google chrome; it was just for fun, and people were mostly using it for entertaining themselves.

Chrome- Dino, this name is considered as the nickname of this game. Within this, users can play t - rex, and across 270 million users have played it within every month. Poki is a site where you can play this game by being online.


• Easy to use, and anyone could understand this game easily
• It is an online game, which means you need a proper data connection for this game.
• Ultimate benefits can be enjoyed by users while playing the game
• Users can find this game interesting and entertaining due to its top-class quality and service
• Exclusive strength is required to overcome the obstacles
which occur while running into the game
• Endless running opportunity

How to play dinosaur online games?

First of all, you can play this game by going on to the Google chrome application available on your device. Search the game by typing its name within the application, and after clicking on the game link, you can start the game.

To start the game, click on the space bar button available on your keyboard or on your android device dino Once. Obstacles will arrive in your path during the game, but you have to overcome those obstacles by jumping over them by using the spacebar tab.