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Diep io online is an exciting game where users can experience shooting and can enhance their shooting skills in the game. It's a kind of crazy shooting game where users have to focus on surviving without getting attacked by enemies or any other players. Players can experience a lot of fun while shooting the other players in the game. Within this game, players have their separate armed circle, which they need to keep safe, and by moving around the map, players have to destroy the circle of other players and enhance and upgrade their own circle.

So, the goal of the players in the game is so easy they just need to destroy the circle of other players. The different aspects of the game are upgrades and maps. A wide range of tank classes are available, so players need to choose any of the classes of their choice. Each class consists of different weapons.

The users need to choose the right weapons for themselves, and users should choose the weapons according to the play style. Players can make upgrades 8 different stats such as health regeneration, max health, body damage, bullet speed, bullet penetration, bullet damage, reload and movement speed.

Features :-
1.Crazy shooting survival game.
2.Improve upgrades by destroying the circle of other players.
3.A range of tank classes is available.
4.8 different stats are available.
5.Earn skill points
6.Various game modes are available
7.Available on browser and app store.
8.Use arrow keys for playing.

How to play:-

The gameplay of Diep io online is very easy and simple. Players just need to defeat the armed circle of other players by moving around the map and making upgrade menus. A limited number of skill points are available, so players should efficiently use those skill points and when they have an urgent need. Players can use WASD keys for moving around the tank and use a mouse for shooting and aiming the target.