Color Switch Online [Play Free Gameplay in Online]

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Color Switch Online is now available for you to play online with the full accessibility of tools and exact gameplay. Developed by David Reichelt and Aditya Oza, the game features some unrealistic and definitely challenging gameplay that requires much effort for you to understand.

This is not some simple gameplay of matching but applies a collection of permutations and combinations. Two combinations play the role, one is Key, and the other is Turn. The Key is the combination of N-colored chosen pegs from a set of P. While Turn is also the same N-colored leg collection chosen from set P., matching the position of pegs with the color is required.

The game is launched by Fortafy Games and Eye Box Games for Android and iOS. The Black and white color matching game requires users to play mysteriously and enjoy the game.


• Attractive gameplay of color matching
• Marks white and black in the row
• Matches the position of peg in Turn to the position of peg in the Key
• Choose N colored pegs from the set of P
• Apply logical reasoning in categorizing the numbers
• Match colors and enjoy the game at the best of the matching
• An original play by Buildbox

How to play Color Switch Online Games

Color Switch Online game features a sensational method of marking colors. The pegs selection of N colors from the possible set P for Key, and the same goes for a Turn with or without repetition. However, these mathematical games are not loved by most people, but you can try your logic.

If, in Turn, any peg of any position you take matches the exact position of the peg in the Key, then the computer will mark black. If the peg doesn't match with the same position peg in the Key and matches with other position pegs, then the computer marks white.