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Cat Runner online

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Cat runner online is a very interesting and exciting game application where players can enjoy running, and the game's character is a cat. That's why it is a cat running game. It's an endless running game similar to the most popular angry gran series. Within this game, players need to control the street cat, which runs continuously to catch fish bones.

That street cat in the game tries to catch fish bones for eating, and players need to run that cat and help it collect fish bones. A lot of obstacles also occur in the cat's path, so players need to avoid all the upcoming obstacles to win the level of the game. Gold bars are also there within the game, so players should also collect the gold bars along with the fish bones.

By using gold bars, players can purchase new items in the game and unlock various different characters of the cat. Make the possible highest running score in the game and see how far you can go in the amazing cat runner game—no download is required for playing this game because it is available on browsers.

1.It's a fun endless running game.
2.The main character is the cute cat running to catch fish bones.
3.Various obstacles occur to distract the cat
4.Various new items are available
5.Different characters of cats are available
6.Easy to play
7.Available on browser
8.No installation required
9.Use arrow keys to enjoy the game.

How to play
The gameplay of the cat runner online is very easy and quite difficult. Players just need to help their character cat in running and collecting the fish bones to eat. Make use of arrow keys for playing this very amazing and unique game where players can experience endless running. Use the left and right arrow keys for changing the land, the up arrow key for jumping, and the down arrow key for sliding.