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Burger Time Game Online [Play Free Gameplay in Online]

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Burger Time Game Online to play now on your web browser comes for free. Join the incredible time-passing gameplay where chef Peter Pepper tries to make hamburgers, and you need to support him in the game as demanded. The original game started as Hamburger which is now changed with the name of Burger time.

There you would receive a heavy battle of ingredients to make the hamburgers. Peter Pepper would try to arrange the ingredients like a meat patty, tomato, onion, sprinklers, lettuce, etc., to make the burgers. Still, the enemies in the form of Mr.Egg, Mr.Hot Dog, and Mr.Pickle will ask for a battle or fight to deal with the pursuit of ingredients.


• Iconic hamburger-making game
• Add ingredients of different types and taste
• Deal with the opponents to win the ingredients
• Join the gameplay with avid series of hamburger-making completed
• Peter Pepper will ask for the expected support as you need.
• Make hamburgers in the proper recipe and win points.

How to Play BurgerTime?

Burger Time Game Online has been on the gameplay for a long duration, and now it's avidly popular worldwide; playing such a game requires little strategic planning so you can arrange the ingredients from the maze of the platform. Arrange the pieces of the meat patty and other such ingredients in the proper manner so you can win.

The simple control relies on arrow keys, WASD, and a mouse cursor. Eliminate the opponents and receive points, make burgers and receive points; there are various activities that you can perform to receive points and win the situation. Earn as much as possible so you can use it for purchase and unlocking of ingredients