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Assassin Game Online [Play Free Gameplay in Online]

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Assassin's game online means legendary naval battles awaiting its gamers to participate and fend off the enemies from the sea. Enjoy the most conceptual gameplay where you play a protagonist character who recruits new members in the crew and manages its crew wisely.

The whole of everything is happening to achieve La Buse's Legendary treasure, which can change the destiny of the achiever. So, as we know that big achievements require big sacrifices, and here it's blood. The blue sea wants to turn itself red and is thirsty for the blood of warriors and pirates.

You customize and upgrade your ships, recruit new members and crew, and manage them effectively to deal with every other obstacle and battle that arises. Fight with guards and back up the assassins by helping them up so you can get help in return. Enjoy the drastic and dangerous battles awaiting for its King pirates, whose name infuses fear in the public and guards.


• Drastic battles combat gameplay
• Multiplayer group assassinators
• Naval battles take place for the best pirate
• A search of La Buse's treasures
• Automated guns and tools
• Eliminate the targets by killing them easily.
• Win gems and valuable rewards for completing the mission
• Hide from flashlights and avoid dangers
• Realistic combat game where ultimate three-level skills are required

How to play the game?

Three levels of skills are required and available in the game Assassins online. The game is controlled by a joystick and uses the same approach. Users need to find and assassinate their targets one by one.

Win gems by completing targets; here, users play in the group of assassinations where one leads the group. Use automated machine guns to kill the targets by using the joystick and clicks. Hide from flashlights, avoid getting caught and complete your mission.